Full cone nozzles

Utilizes an internal vane to provide a uniform, round, full spray pattern with medium-to large sized drops. Download Brochure

Spiral full cone Nozzles

Provides relatively coarse drops in a full cone pattern with minimal flow obstruction. Download Brochure

Flat Spray Nozzles

Produces a relatively Even flat spray Pattern of mediumsized Drops. The spray Pattern is formed by Liquid flowing over The deflector
surface From a round orifice Download Brochure

Solid Jet Nozzles

Solid stream nozzles Provide the highest Impact per unit area. Download Brochure

Air atomizing

Atomization produced By a combination of air Andliquid pressures. Air assisted nozzles Feature internal Impingement Atomization to
assist Fine drop formation. Download Brochure

Plastic Nozzles

Automobile coating lines and 3c line are representative for diversified production.when producing different sizes, nozzle spray direction and coverage must be timely adjustments. In addition, nozzles must also regularly clean and maintain in order to ensure high-quality coating products. Saabs co fully understands and offers quality products to help enhance the competitiveness. Do you want to have worldclass high quality, shorten the processing and reduce rework loss? Please contact us. Swivel nozzles can be changed at any time or the direction of spray nozzle type for different production conditions. This meets diverse needs and in full accordance with actual specifications . Download Brochure

Coating gun

Saabs Co Spray Gun is the premier spray gun for use in pressure and siphon feed spray applications and sets a new standard in durability, ergonomics, and atomization. The lightweight ergonomic design offers unsurpassed comfort and control. The latest advanced atomization technology has been incorporated for achieving consistent, fine finishes when spraying a wide range of industrial coating applications. . Download Brochure

Tank Mixing Eductors

Saabs Co mixing eductors are designed to mix two liquids intimately in various proportions in operations where the pressure liquid is the greater proportion of the mixture. typical applications include: removal of condensate; mixing gasoline with acid; blending and proportioning chemical solutions; and diluting acids and alkali. in operation, the pressure liquid issues from the nozzle at high velocity and entrains the suction liquid. the extreme turbulence in the throat of the eductor mixes the two liquids, blending and emulsifying thoroughly and completely. Download Brochure

Fluid fittings

We are manufacturing wide verieties of pipe fittings for your hydraulic lines. Download Brochure